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Check here for an update on my upcoming book publication.

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It’s official – BOOK LAUNCH 2017/06/10. I’m thrilled and excited to announce that my first book of poetry, A Form of Writing, has officially been launched. The print version and the e-pub version are currently available online through Amazon, Barnes […]

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Getting Closer

BOOK UPDATE: Proof copy is in my hands. Publishing is getting closer! Read More
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Paper Butterflies

Paper butterflies scattered across the blank pages. Waiting with words captured on fluttering wings. Waiting with anticipated breaths as new life gives them flight. Read More
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The Night

We celebrated Christmas. It was May. 
You said it didn’t matter, love is love.
We talked and laughed. You swept my tears away. 
You even bought a tiny turtle dove. 
You shopped. Oh how you shopped! Tinsel and twine
to tie the parcels given. Food […]

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The Moon


The moon, not ordinary in the least,
provided light for dancing on that night.
We three alike, had gathered for a feast
and shared a glass or two. Illumined sight
allowed us to converse, to laugh, to cry
in ways we hadn’t for so many […]

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I will bear witness to the life we share,
to love and laughter, sadness, joy and pain.
No moment is too small; I will be there
to document each trial. Each drop of rain
that falls, each second that ticks swiftly by,
no less important […]

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The Piano

It stands now, so majestic, waiting there
for fingers to caress it. Years of dreams
fulfilled at last as it arrived, with care,
a gift quite gracious given. Now it seems
like only yesterday I learned to bring
the sound it carries forth, a sound […]

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Welcome to my world of writing. I love writing in forms – sonnets, dizains, etc. I do dabble a bit in free form poetry, but most of mine is rhyming. So if you like reading rhymes out loud to yourself, […]

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